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1g The afghan kush Hemp flowers UK

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1g Afghan Kush Hemp flowers is distinguished by pungent flavors with earthy hues reminiscent of hashish and wood flavors. It presents a long and full-bodied flower, rich in resin, with an intense dark green color.

CBD: 6.8% / THC 0.13%

100% organic cultivation - NO pesticides - NO added terpenes

WholesaleHenry in collaboration with Dublin Hemp sells only legal products in compliance with all the provisions contained in L.242 / 2016. 
All our products have a THC content lower than the limits established by L.242 / 2016 and can not in any way be considered as drugs. 
The products marketed by Dublin Hemp are destined exclusively for the uses foreseen by the art.2 of the L.242 / 2016 and Dublin Hemp declines any responsibility for any improper use of its products by the purchaser.



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