500g Deer Jerky Gluten Free


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Nutrition information per 100 g:

Energy value 1095kj / 258kcal, fat 2.7 g of which saturates 1.75 g, carbohydrate 2.6 g of which sugars 2.6 g, protein 55.9 g, salt 6 g.

This product is Gluten Free, Cured, Air Dried, Full of Protein

Approx. weight: 500g.

Storage conditions: temp. 0+15 c.

Use by: 3 months

Our Deer Jerky is Gluten Free & prepared with care.

Each piece of game meat is rubbed with salt, pepper, chilli and garlic to season, after seasoning it's placed in special containers for curing.

Deer Jerky has a strong, distinctive flavour.

Perfect for people who are on strict diets or doing a lot of exercising. This is full of protein!

100% Deer, seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic. Nice and simple.