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Fedora 17 natural EU hemp buds 1kg (1000g)

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Super Industrial hemp flowers buds and leaf naturally grown without pesticides in the EU. 
Because of our great quality an prices we sold over 800kg last year.
Hand harvested dried and cured Cannabinoid rich flowers of Fedora 17 variety

1000g C Sativa Hemp Strain (Fedora 17) Natural Cheesy an Lemon smelling whole Buds/Flowers with multiple usages.

(Making Hemp products) Tea, Beer, Paper, Plastic, Cement, Fabric's, Clothing, Foods, Oil extractions, Jewellery, (The list goes on as you can Imagine)

Wholesale hemp goodness by WholesaleHenry

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(Notice we sell our processed Hemp flowers primary for usage as Herbal Hemp Tea simmer in milk for 15 minutes to release the goodness)

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