CBD sales channel and affiliate reseller program

CBD merchant sales channel Sell Flowers and Hash on WholesaleHenry.

Congratulations if you've received this page link you've been invited as a trusted CBD merchant to sell products and get paid via WholesaleHenry Sign up HERE

We realise taking payments for CBD flowers online can be a difficult business and as such we've set up our CBD Hemp Market and decided to invite all trusted sellers who've been effected by payment processor policies.

What do you get???

1) Promotion for your branded products

2) stable payments from WholesaleHenry

3) debit/credit card options for your customers

What does it cost???

1) WholesaleHenry takes a 50% fee, your using this tool to promote you Hemp -Cannabis brand, and as such a product you sell retail should be sold to Henry wholesale (example) you sell 1g of flowers retail for £10 at your online store, if your selling on WholesaleHenry your product should be priced at £10 but you'll only receive £5.

2) you agree to provide shipping services internationally to all EU countries including the UK.

How do I get paid???

1) via your email address, a paypal payment will be issues to any normal email address provided

2) via a cheque, if requested we'll post your earning monthly to your address

3) via Bank transfer, your bank details will be requested if required

Below you may also consider the WholesaleHenry affiliate program to receive 10% of the money from any sales that use your link even if they aren't your products,, this also mean you'll actually only be selling wholesale at a 90% discount if using the affiliate link on your website.

Please sign up for your WholesaleHenry seller account here = BECOME A SELLER 


WholesaleHenry CBD affiliate Program an general products for resale 10% commission

Who is eligible?

Are you interested in the hemp/cannabis industry? Do you have an online audience? Are you part of a sports academy? Is your circle interested in CBD?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions then you are very suitable for our programme. Anyone can join and our programme is very easy to join and profit from. 

How does it work?

Our affiliate programme is quick and simple to join. Click on the link and complete the registration on VWA.LA. Then email support@wholesalehenry.com.com with a link to the site where you are promoting WholesaleHenry so that they will approve your application and start your affiliation program. Please note that unapproved applications will not earn commission.

Once approved, you can use your Unique Code to refer Leads to our site. Any Sales made using the code will generate a commission. Our base commission is 10%. We pay our affiliates at the end of the calendar month via bank deposit for any sales that are more than 30 days old and as long as you are compliant with our terms and conditions.

To earn commission you must bring at least 10 Sales every month.

We have the right to change our terms if needed. 

Affiliate commission and discount codes are always effective even during sale periods your 10% commission is 10% of the total order value. 

How do I join?

Send your details to the following link, it only takes a few minutes and you'll instantly be ready to take commission on sales. 

How we pay commissions

Once you have qualified for affiliate commission, at the end of each month we will send you a breakdown of the sales your leads have executed  with WholesaleHenry.com which are more than 30 days old, and ask you to send an invoice with your bank details or email address so we can pay your commission by Bank Deposit or paypal.

Do's and Don'ts

Please do promote WholesaleHenry to your friends and network just mention our products or your own products for sale.

Please DO NOT use a discount code as a way to entice sales. We would request that customers are referred to WholesaleHenry because of the quality of our products and the strength of our customer service.

Please DO NOT use affiliation codes that may cause offence to others. Any codes which could be seen to be offensive, or imply offensive language will be removed and the affiliate will loose their status and commission.


1. Lead - Referral of a customer who is not already a customer of WholesaleHenry.com

2. Sale - The purchase of products from WholesaleHenry.com by a lead

3. Unique Code - The URL provided to you to use as an affiliate.