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Special K Hemp buds 1g - 28g


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SOLD OUT due to popular demand and the overwhelming trust of our customers without even seeing a picture this product has already sold out 


Hello WholesaleHenry customers we just got in a new strain of Hemp called Special K with our latest shipment, we have fresh stock in on most strains as of today..

CBD / THC content unknown but its EU Hemp from kompolti so under 0.2% THC

The Special K actually does smell a little like the cereal mixed with haze but that could all just be in my mind.

(its definitely spicy in smell)

Greenhouse quality Hemp but the buds look fine I didn't find any seeds and we'll get pictures up tomorrow.

for tonight only 25/072019 we're going to offer ounces of the special K at only £50 to our valued customers via email, tomorrow once pictures are up we'll increase to £65 per 28g.

I know its hard to make the choice without seeing a picture but put your trust in henry if you're interested in a cheaper option that's around the same quality as our Skywalker / Blue Widow

As always Regards an Love WholesaleHenry



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