Ferimon 12 Hemp buds, 1kg wholesale

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Industrial hemp flower buds and leaf naturally grown without pesticides in the EU. 
Because of our great quality an prices we sold over 2.4 ton last year.
Hand harvested dried and cured Cannabinoid rich flowers of Ferimon-12 variety of hemp from the Beautiful South Czech organic fields
Excellent for a variety of usages: 
Making Tea using standard infusion methods.
Just add a little milk or honey to help dissolve the fatty goodness into your brew. 
Inhalations aromatherapy tinctures and compresses. 
For adding to food or to add to your steam bath, face saunas, or exotic Tea.
Simmer in coconut oil to make creams for your hands, body or hair therapy oils.
100% Pure and Quality assured by wholesalehenry an crew. 
100% Pure ingredients nothing added nothing taken away. 
Grown in the purest natural environment possible, surrounded by miles of open countryside and agricultural land.
The nearest main road is over 4 miles away.  
This is a healthy natural product. 
Research will show Ferimon 12, is one of the best quality hemp varieties for making health products or drinking as Tea. 
Still not sure? Give it a quick search my friend
We have a policy of providing at least 80% bud to broken down seed/leaf.
This Ferimon 12 was all originally hand picked buds from a farm called Konopna Farma (Jamaica State).
Curing, packing, shipping and repacking for retail, will cause the buds/flowers to break down a little at every point.
You can see an unpacking video by searching Bufu leafy in YouTube.
All international orders get sent with a copy of our lab report to speed the customs procedure as standard.
A full refund or replacement is always offered for lost items and tracking code is always provided. 
This is a family run business an we're working very hard to make it run as efficiently as humanly possible. 
We're eager to please and welcome an email regarding issues or questions you may have for us.
Please consider this is our cheapest strain of Hemp for a reason, a little more dusty than the rest, however still many great whole buds to be found,
Some Stinking of Exotic Lemon and around 14g seedless buds.
(Why not also try some of our new seedless flowers as well??)

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