15g Diesel Berry hemp flowers UK - CBD - and Hemp flowers UK

15g Diesel Berry hemp flowers UK - CBD


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Diesel Berry is the high quality Hemp flowers with a unique flavour

its grown indoor according to the organic method, without chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Inside the package there is a clean and resinous inflorescence, without leaves, twigs or seeds, so it is defined as sativa L Hemp Seedless.

The aroma of this inflorescence is reminiscent of the best cannabis qualities of the Dutch Coffee Shops but is totally legal in Italy with a THC of less than 0.2% with certified analysis. With a very citrus berry smell it seems to have in Diesel Berry of an inflorescence of legal hemp.

The CBD reaches values ​​of 18% and makes this inflorescence among the best of the WholesaleHenry catalogue, one of the few varieties on which we put our signature.

High quality legal Hemp Flowers

  • Content: 100% female flowers of legal Hemp;
  • CBD concentration 18%;
  • Without seeds;
  • 100% Legal;
  • 100% Certified;
  • 0% Heavy metals and chemical pesticides;
  • Available in various formats.

Diesel Berry is defined in the "Biomass" category and is intended only for research and development or technical use. 

Store in a cool and dry place, preferably in the dark. Hemp Light is not considered a psychoactive substance because it does not contain THC or contains it below the legal limit. 

Always consult a doctor before changing your diet or using any new product. 

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

The sale of industrial hemp flowers has reason to exist because the flower is regulated according to the law of 2 December 2016 n. 242 (entered into force on January 14th 2017) concerning the provisions for the promotion of the cultivation and the agro-industrial chain of Hemp and the long standing 0.2% limit. Furthermore, it is excluded by law 309/90 on narcotics as the values, certified by the manufacturer, have a THC of less than 0.2%.

In addition the decree law of 2015 on therapeutic cannabis, which distinguishes and defines the therapeutic prescribed with the exclusive trade under the protection of pharmacists subject to medical prescription, therefore excludes non-therapeutic such as these flowers that come from industrial hemp cultivation.

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